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Closing Ceremony Video

During Opening Ceremony, the students used ” my childhood dream” as the topic for their video introduction.

During Closing Ceremony, NTGx made up their own childhood dream video as a farewell gift for the students.

The second generation of NTGx has come to an end.

Four weeks of NTGx Program; a lifetime worth of experience.

If time can rewind, then everything would not seem as precious.

What’s left now are passion, memories, and an new attitude of the world.

Let us work hard together, and be ready to take on Taiwan and the world.

Let us fly, let us fall, then let us soar.


A message from the NTGx Team 🙂
NTGx Team Childhood Dream



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NTGx Team Welcomes You!

One week left until the deadline for application!

Remember the deadline is Oct 31st, Friday 11:59pm.

A big thank you for those who have applied. For more information on interview and application process please click here.

For those of you who haven’t applied yet, don’t hesitate anymore, apply today!

” Some things if you don’t do it now, you might not have the time and the chance to do it anymore in the future” -fellow NTGx member

Lastly, NTGx Team welcomes you to Vancouver! Looking forward to seeing you! 🙂



NTGx Team 🙂

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Our Youtube Channel!

Have you checked out our Youtube Channel yet?

Curious to see last year’s participants and events? Check it out here:


Every two weeks we will post a promotional video – interviewing people in Vancouver! Are your answers the same?

Week Two: What do you think about studying abroad?

Week One: What do you think/know about Taiwan?


Didn’t have the chance to attend our information session? Here’s an online version!


Check out our upcoming information sessions


Feel free to message us either on website or through Facebook if you have any questions! 🙂


NTGx Team

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Upcoming Information Sessions in TAIPEI

We’re hosting two more info sessions in TAIPEI

8/9 (Saturday) 7:30~9:30pm
Location: Mr. Brown Coffee Shop
Address: 台北市 大安區 忠孝東路三段52號
Sign up here
More info please visit event page

8/13 (Wednesday)3:30~5:30pm
Location:Mr. Brown Coffee Shop
Address:台北市 大安區 忠孝東路三段52號
Sign up here
More info please visit event page

We’re also having one is KAOHSIUNG on 8/16 (Saturday)
Please stay tuned for more info here

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Greetings from UBC English Language Institute

After three months of negotiation, with the full effort of NTGx team, we have finalized the deal and signed the contract with UBC English Language Institute last week. Besides offering the top notch education environment and resources for students, special pricing also allowed us to lower the cost of the program, and make this amazing program to be an opportunity for more students in Taiwan.


UBC English Language Institute 歡迎信:http://exchange.ubcntg.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/NTG-welcome-letter.pdf